My sister is my hero… A Pantless hero, but still a hero

I was running super late for my appointment at a new doctors office. I called my youngest sister and she raced over to my house. About halfway to the office on the other side of town it occurs to me that she has extremely long legs today. …

…. “Little Sister, where are your pants?” I says to her.

And without even any hint of hesitation or embarrassment she replies, ” I’m not wearing any. Just my panties. I had to rush to get here and I didn’t want to put on pants.”

So nonchalantly she discusses her lack of pants. And a lack of a bra.

She takes after me, bless her heart.

It was like a scene out of The Fast and the Furious…. Only with cute blue panties with bows on them.

Got there only ten minutes late thanks to her. We were going super fast.

Love you Bug, you are my hero.


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