My sister’s cat is in heat – I have retreated to my office.

The  only thing that will save me now is if I barricade myself in my office and ignore the feline-in-heat sounds of “SOMEONE! ANYONE! PLEASE HUMP ME BARNYARD STYLE!!!”

It’s my sister’s little cat that is not fixed. My much older male cat has been fixed for years. All he can do now is hit it and then quit it – if you get my meaning. And he is so old that he can only do it like once or twice a day before he just climbs off her and walks away for a nap. Or hides under the bed. Or in my lap. He’s so desperate to get away from her.

I know he is successful at his chosen hiding place when she walks around the house meowing mournfully.

How like life.

My poor cat. She flaunts herself like the hussy she is. He politely declines and asks her to give him some space from her hormone crazed emotional ups and downs. She swats him in the face, purrs, then rolls over and flicks her tail in his face. He declines again. She gets angry. He finally gives her one last, “Sorry, toots, my nether bits aren’t working for you today.”

She comes back with:

I'll go cray cray on the couch if I don't get me some. I'll even blame you.

I’ll go cray cray on the couch if I don’t get me some. I’ll even blame you.

And she would. It’s kind of awesome.

So for today, I am locking myself in my office with my poor abused cat and writing another chapter in my novel. Maybe doing so more editing. Lets hope she doesn’t realize he is in here reading the latest from Sylvia Day, hiding under the covers on top of my chaise lounge. If she were to find out….

Cat Pounce

Shhhh…she might hear us.




Ups, Downs, and Taxes I didn’t have to pay this year



-Got my taxes all done. Had such a big refund it paid off the taxes we owed previously.

-Put the laundry through the washer and dryer.

-Update my spreadsheets for my monthly budget and bills. (My mom is gonna be so proud when I send those to her…with about a billion different spam fun-filled pictures.)

You love me mom. I know it. Hugs and kisses – the Miracle Child. 🙂

-Had a staring contest with the cat.


-The cat won.

-Had to pay the bills today.

-Put the clean laundry in my office on the chaise lounge instead of away in the closets.

-My husband isn’t home from work yet.

-I have so much homework I already feel tired.

Other than that, I’ve had a pretty relaxing day. Nothing to strenuous. I jumped on the scale, saw that I lost two pounds. Hopped off the scale and did the “twerking” thing in front of the mirror in celebration followed by a hop, skip and jump to the secret stash of chocolate bars.

Had me some chocolate.

Probably gained those two pounds back.

If I was a unicorn I would want to look like this. Doesn’t this unicorn look happy? Bet you ten bucks this unicorn has recently had one of two things – sex or chocolate.

Attention writers, bloggers and those that eat, shit and breathe words:

I’m having a hard time keeping my emotions my from my everyday life out of my writing. Sometimes those emotions are the most helpful of tools, but not when I’m in a raging pissed off mood and I am writing something emotionally pleasing.

Last night I was writing and I killed the main hero simply because he was not fond of a particular situation. That’s not nice – you know what I mean? I wasted probably a good chapter and a half offing him. Damn it.

So if you have any suggestions or any tips on what you do to shut out the outside world, I would greatly appreciate them as my way of doing things is no longer working. It might be because school is really stressing me out, or it may be because the amount of fucks I have in my pocket are down to zero.

You can harass me via email, the comments section on this here pretty website, or at my twitter page (link on the left).

If you likes me blogs, please subscribe. It makes me giggle in happiness when my email box pops up with the message, “HEY! Someone thinks you are slightly cooler than you really are! They subscribed to your blogs!”

And if you have a site, I shall go visit, harass and comment on your blogs.

Because that’s how I roll.

I do. I really do.