Gawd it’s freakin’ hot outside.

Summertime always makes me want to switch my sleeping schedule from sleeping at night to sleeping during the day – JUST TO ESCAPE THE HEAT AND THE CONSTANT SUNLIGHT!

I also become SUPER lazy when its hot. Hence not being able to reach the computer in my office to blog…or write…or get prepared for the upcoming semester at the university. (Hasn’t stopped me from playing online video games, just stops me from doing anything else important.)

I don’t know how people do it in places that have sunlight for 18+ hours straight.

Weather in the desert is temperamental – or just plain mental – at best. One day it’ll be 90 degrees, a nice dry heat, slight breeze to make it bearable, and the next day it hits you in the face with 100+ degree weather and its fucking humid.

Where the humidity came from? No one knows…

We got back from Vegas about a week and a half ago and almost cried when we got back across NM state lines. It was cloudy, it was 85ish degrees all the way home and it was raining. Like real rain, not the occasional spurts of cloud piss we get in central New Mexico. Vegas was 117 degrees when we left – and miserable.

It even rained four out of the seven days last week here in the Land of Enchantment. SHOCK!

Needless to say, us desert people were exceptionally happy standing outside gawking and looking up at the rain as if it were something mystical and foreign to us.

Today I decided that the laziness needed to stop. My sister and I have been feeling the affects of supreme mid-summer lazy and we have had enough. So back to keyboard I go!

On a serious note, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and that the weather hasn’t had any horrible affects on them. Stay safe, stay cool, stay hydrated.

I love air-conditioning,


hot summer

I love me some wintery weather

The past two or three days here in central New Mexico have been downright dreary, cold, there’s been some snow thrown in there, and I have to be honest – I’m freakin’ loving it.

I am WAY more productive with less sunshine – which contradicts everything I’ve ever been taught in school. Sunshine is supposed to make people happy by giving you the sunshine vitamin that helps release certain chemicals in the brain that make people want to sing and dance and make merry. Sunshine is also an important part in regulating your circadian rythm and blah blah blah

Image <– Self portrait.

Now don’t get me wrong, after several months of really cold, yet snow free and cloudless weather, I am down for some springtime action and some summer love. But here in New Mexico we have two seasons:

First season : Hot, and all variations of it.

Second Season: Cold, and all variations of it.

And to make your life even more interesting when you are living in a place with only two real seasons, the weather will change on you every five to ten minutes. I’m not joking…ask anyone that lives here.

Also, if it rains, or heaven help us – snows, it only does so in small, two block areas at a time.

It’s ridiculous.

So the fact that we have had snow (little stuck, but still, its something), rain over the greater portion of the city, and then nonstop clouds has just tickled me somethin’ delicious.

I felt so productive and happy that I find myself doing things I don’t normally do this time of year:

– Having nice chats with the cat instead chasing him around and yelling at him to stop eating my boots.

-Not screaming like a banshee when the dogs tracked half the mud off the mountains into my house, through the hallways and all over the carpets.

-Humming ridiculous campaign songs while cleaning.

-Wanting to go grocery shopping with Curious George.

-Waiting patiently for Curious George to finish playing his video games so that we can go grocery shopping.

-Shaving my legs.

-Running the laundry through the washer and drying and then folding it and putting it away. (The first half usually happens, the folding it and putting it away part rarely does.)

-Taking less naps and watching more YouTube.

You see what I mean? I am on top of things when the clouds roll in. Less headaches, more productivity.

Moving on!

Grades came back and I am happy to report they were what I calculated and I am very happy. I am only contesting one grade because I have the proof that my grade was higher than that. (Yes, I am one of those people who if they don’t get A’s, their soul bleeds a little. Don’t judge me.)

Maybe contesting is too strong a word. I wrote an email to my professor asking for a breakdown of the final grade he gave me because the one I calculated was different. I then sent him all of my grades and my calculations based off possible scores on the final exam. Hopefully he sees this soon and immediately corrects my grade.

I would hate to get angry and waste all these happy clouds.


Now that’s what I call a happy cloud! Go get you some, happy cloud!



….Yup, still waiting on Curious George to stop blowin’ shit up in the Man Cave. Tried texting him to come out of the cave, but all I got was this:


So while I’m waiting, I will give you a tiny peek into what the man cave looks like. And ladies…remember…this is what happens when your man buys you a home with more bedrooms than you need and tells you its for your future children – then promptly takes over the garage, one of the bedrooms, the back tough shed, etc.


This is what he is playing at the moment. Yes, that is a giant projected screen. He is sitting in his gaming chair out of shot. But just to let you know, he has a futon, computers, gaming systems, science experiments, a mini fridge stocked full of soda and beer, his nerd-boy card game stuff, theater surround sound system, etc. There is lighting in that room, but he rarely uses it. The light you see is coming from the hallway and he very politely asked me to shut the door so he can see better.


So this is the entrance to the Man Cave. My parentals had the sign carved and made for him by a really cool artist here in town. Leave me a comment in the box below if you want the information for the artist. He makes all kinds of cool stuff from wood.

Ok, while I’m waiting for Curious George to finish killing a massive amount of enemy soldiers on his giant screen in the darkened man cave (that sounds kinky), I am going to go do chores and finish making the grocery list.

Then I’m going in there guns ah-blazin’.